At Santa Barbara Dog Jog we're committed to helping our clients with their K9 needs. We're also committed to volunteering and fostering success at some of Santa Barbara's local shelters. These local shelters depend on community donations of time, resources, and money to ensure their continued placement of homeless animals. 

DAWG - One of Santa Barbara's oldest no-kill shelters, SB Dog Jog has spent time walking and running their rescue dogs. Some of these pups don't get the necessary exercise which ensures good behavior. We try to pick some of more high-energy dogs to run with us. Not only are we regular monetary contributors, we also participate in their yearly fundraiser with donations. Nothing is more worthwhile then helping this local shelter. 

Cold Noses, Warm Hearts - Cold Noses, Warm Hearts is a Santa Barbara nonprofit organization that helps dogs we rescue from shelters, some from euthanasia, find forever homes. As much as we can, we like to donate yearly to Cold Noses and participate in their yearly fundraising events. We even held a joint fund-raiser in 2016 that contributed to their operating needs.

Are you a shelter looking for our help? Please contact us and we'd love to extend a hand!